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Kayak Moist Snuff is the Dip of Champions. We create the best moist snuff tobacco blends that boost fun and freedom on your next wild weekend (or Wednesday, let’s be honest).

Long Cut Moist Snuff Tobacco

Grab some long cut dip and get ready, Champion. With seven exclusive blends, 100% American ingredients, and a grab-and-twist can experience, Kayak Moist Snuff Tobacco is the best long cut snuff available in your favorite blends. Grab a few cans with your crew and send it on your next adventure. 

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Fine Cut Moist Snuff Tobacco

You are a Champion, the definition of GOAT. That’s why you deserve Kayak fine cut Moist Snuff. Our two exclusive blends hit different. Dip into the taste of Natural or Wintergreen, crafted from 100% American-grown ingredients.

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