Natural Fine Cut


Be authentic and bold with Fine Cut Natural - 100% American-grown tobacco with a bold, natural tobacco flavor that always delivers satisfaction!


James Tharpe
July 12, 2021

The best..!!!

Ken Covington
July 24, 2021

Good taste , fresh tobacco good value for the price!

July 27, 2021

A enjoyable flavor dip.

Randall Mount
July 28, 2021

I love the fine cut I chewed Copenhagen for years and I like the black can kayak just as well and price is 1/4 so love it!!!

Anthony Dickey
August 1, 2021


August 10, 2021

Great snuff better then Copenhagen snuff

August 10, 2021
Thom smith
August 15, 2021

I've tried them all this one is the best great snuff great price

Michael W Pomeroy
August 20, 2021

Good chew at a cheap price

Jeremy Doshier
September 6, 2021

Very good for a fair price

Dale Roberts
September 6, 2021

I have been chewing kayak natural fine cut for over 20 years I enjoy the taste and the freshness of this snuff I buy 10 rolls a month and I will continue to keep chewing kayak snuff I really like it.

David Jenkins
September 17, 2021

Very close to the same flavor as Copenhagen. Im switching to kayak!

Tim McAfee
September 24, 2021

Great taste,great price

Anthony Joseph Brown
October 15, 2021

Price is obviously your best asset. It's better than Copenhagen, but not better than Redwood (which they no longer make)?

Martha Gilbert
October 27, 2021

Great moist fresh taste

Kaleisa Quarles
October 28, 2021

Its my favorite kind and it helps calm my nervous

October 28, 2021

Used Kayak natural fine cut for several years. I would be devastated if it was ever removed from the market.

Adam Maynard
October 28, 2021

Great flavor and price. Great customer relations

Gerald Sander
November 5, 2021

I love this product

Billy Poe
November 28, 2021

I’ve used snuff for 40 yrs I ran out a month ago and a coworker gave me a can of this kayak natural I’m hooked

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