From Kayaktivities | April 2022
Meat, Fire, Flavor Hack

A champion isn’t afraid to meat any challenge. The only thing bigger than these epic burgers is the massive Fat Lip you pack when you’re done devouring it.

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From The Champion's Corner | April 2022
Kayak's Guide to an Epic Night Out

We all love a night out with the guys, but sometimes we could use some guidelines ahead of time. Guidelines, not rules. Here’s Kayak's guidelines for your guys' night out to make sure you all have a safe and good time.  

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From Kayaktivities | March 2022
Can Holster Hack

Not enough room in your pants for all your “junk”? Watch this hack. 

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From Kayaktivities | March 2022
Kayak Official House Beer Pong Rules

Whether You’re hosting a party or just heading out for the night, you’re gonna want to know the rules of beer pong. It’s an American pastime, and classic party game. And let’s face it, you don’t want your buds ragging on you for not being a patriot.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled Kayaks official house rules guide to beer pong. (psst if it’s not your party though, defer to the host’s rules. That’s why there called “house rules”).

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From Kayaktivities | February 2022
Championship Belt Hack

Make your belt. Declare your dominance.

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