From The Champion's Corner | July 2022
Kayak’s Guide to an Unforgettable Summer Camping Trip 

Camping is chill, even more so with the right crew.  

If you’re with us on that, grab a few long cut cans, pack up your bow, and get ready to camp, like a champ. 

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From The Champion's Corner | June 2022
America’s Most Controversial Debate: Hot Dogs, or Hamburgers?

Two classic American foods: the hot dog and the hamburger. Many people go back and forth over which of the two is better.  There’s no doubt it’s a hotly debated topic, so let’s take a look at each and see what comes out on top.   

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From Kayaktivities | June 2022
Disc Slam Hack

It’s not a lawn. It’s a field of greatness. Pack a Fat Lip and show them how a champion disc slams.

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From Kayaktivities | May 2022
Poolify Your Truck Hack

Some see a pick-up truck. But Kayak Champs see an epic pool party waiting to happen.

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From Kayaktivities | April 2022
Meat, Fire, Flavor Hack

A champion isn’t afraid to meat any challenge. The only thing bigger than these epic burgers is the massive Fat Lip you pack when you’re done devouring it.

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