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Summer Fishing Adventure Checklist

From Turning Points | May 2024
Fishing boat with lines and arrows pointing to various spots on the boat, indicating different items:  cooler, navigation tools, and a fishing license, needle nose plyers.
The sun's out, the water's calling, and it's time to grab your favorite Kayak blend and hit the waves. May is the kickoff to summer fishing and boating season, and whether you’re taking a quick trip out on the lake or a multi-day, deep-sea fishing adventure, packing the right gear is the key to a successful trip. Here’s a checklist of the essentials you need to bring along:
Life Jackets: First on the list, non-negotiable. Each person aboard must have a Coast Guard-approved life jacket that fits right.

Navigation Tools: Out on the vast water, having reliable navigation tools is critical. Alongside your GPS device, pros know to pack physical maps and a compass as well. Tech can fail. Having these old school tools aboard, and knowing how to use them, can get you home in a pinch.

Fishing License: Don't let the law put a snag your adventure. Make sure every angler's license is current and on board. Fines can kill the thrill of the chase—be prepared, stay legal, and keep your focus on the fish.
walkie-talkie in fishermans hand
Communication Devices: When trouble hits out on the ocean, a working communication device can mean the difference between being found and being drowned. Equip yourself with a waterproof satellite phone and a marine radio that won’t fail if it gets wet. They’re your lifeline to the shore and emergency services—keep them charged and at hand.

Landing Net: Bring a landing net to secure your catch on deck. Sharp teeth and spiky fins are not something you want to go putting your hands on.
Hand placing spark plug in engine
Spare Parts: Stock what you need to make repairs out on the water. Include items like spark plugs, fuses, impellers, fuel filters, and hose fittings that commonly wear out. Having these on hand can be the difference between a minor setback and a trip-ending malfunction.

Needle Nose Pliers: This versatile tool is essential cargo on any fishing boat. Great for removing hooks, cutting lines, and making emergency repairs, needle nose pliers are an all-purpose standby that won't let you down.
Fish in a cooler
Cooler: A quality cooler does more than store snacks and drinks—it preserves your bait and your catch, keeping it fresh against the heat of the relentless sun on the open water.

Cans of Kayak: No fishing adventure is complete without your favorite Kayak blend. It’s bold, refreshing taste is the perfect companion for those long intervals waiting for a bite, and for the moment the reel screams and the fight is on.



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