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Inside an Expert's Tackle Box: 8 Items Every Angler Needs

From Turning Points | June 2024
Tackle box on a fishing dock
The difference between a successful day on the water and heading home empty-handed lies inside your tackle box. Experienced anglers know to bring the right gear so they're ready to adapt to changing conditions and how to target different fish species. Here are eight items every pro angler needs in their tackle box.
1. Quality Hooks
This is foundation of any good tackle box. Pack high-quality hooks in various sizes and types. From circle hooks to J hooks to treble hooks, having a selection allows for versatility in rigging and targeting different species. You don't want to find yourself trolling for a 100-pound wahoo with a one-aught hook.
2. Diverse Lures & Bait
Having a variety of lures is crucial. Crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, and soft plastics should all have a place in your tackle box. Each type of lure performs differently in various conditions, so a diverse selection allows you to adapt to the preferences of the fish on any given day.
3. Extra Line
Always carry extra spools of fishing line in different strengths and types. Monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines each have their own advantages and specific uses. Having a few different types on hand ensures you're prepared for any fishing situation, whether you're targeting small bass or large saltwater species.
4. Bobbers
These essential accessories help control the depth at which your bait is presented. Most people are familiar with standard red and white bobbers, which are simple to use. But more experienced anglers stock slip bobbers, which are tougher to rig but let you adjust the float depth.
5. Sinkers
While bobbers help keep your bait off the bottom, sinkers help get your bait to the bottom quickly. Different sizes and weights will allow you to fish in various fishing depths and currents.
6. Snap Swivels
These versatile tools are often overlooked, but they help prevent line twists and make changing lures quick and easy. Pick some up at your local tackle shop to save time and frustration, especially when fish are active, and you need to change tactics swiftly. You'll be surprised how often you end up using them.
7. Lightweight Set of Tools
Being prepared with the right tools can save you from ending a fishing trip early. Pros suggest four key items: needle nose pliers, a sharp knife and a first aid kit. The pliers are a perfect for removing hooks, untangling lines and making quick repairs. A sharp knife can cut lines in a pinch and gut fish on the go. When you're on an adventure that involves sharp knives and hooks, and flailing fish with sharp teeth, you're going to want a first aid kit.
8. Bold Taste
From the patient hours spent waiting for a bite, to the thrilling moment when a fish takes the bait and you're battling to bring it on deck, Kayak is going to be your best friend. Pack your favorite blend before your cast off. OR better yet, pack a Kayak tub and bring enough bold satisfaction for your whole crew.

Having a well-stocked tackle box is like having a Swiss Army knife for fishing—it equips you with the tools needed to handle any situation that arises on the water. By outfitting your tackle box with these essential items, you'll be prepared to face whatever the day throws at you.
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