From The Champion's Corner | April 2022
Kayak's Guide to an Epic Night Out

We all love a night out with the guys, but sometimes we could use some guidelines ahead of time. Guidelines, not rules. Here’s Kayak's guidelines for your guys' night out to make sure you all have a safe and good time.  

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From The Champion's Corner | January 2022
From the Barrel to The Belly: The Ultimate Guide to Bourbon

There’s three things in life that are just necessities: Babes, Buds, and Beer. Let’s not forget a fourth B-word to the mix: Bourbon whiskey. 

That’s right. All of that smoky sour mashed goodness can mean one hell of a party (and sometimes one hell of a hangover). It’s been a staple here in America since the 1780’s. After all, we invented it. 

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From The Champion's Corner | December 2021
Guide to Popular Hangover Cures, Tips, Tricks & Advice

If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably the morning after a big throwdown, one that you may or may not even remember. We’ve all been there. The headaches. The cold sweats. The nausea. The “where am I?” moment. Its all good. We are not here to judge. 

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From The Champion's Corner | December 2021
Kayak Mint Dip Spotlight

Longing for a cool and refreshing dip on a hot day at work (or play)? Kayak Mint Long Cut Snuff has you covered. Whether you’ve been sitting in the boat for hours catching bass or out in the field tossing haybales all day, sometimes you just need to cool off.  

Kayak Mint Long Cut Snuff is just what you need to beat the heat. The cool blast of mint flavor lasts as long as the party keeps going. Only 100% American-grown tobacco goes into every can of Kayak snuff, so you know you’ve got the best lip-full around.  

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From The Champion's Corner | November 2021
Kayak Cherry Dip Spotlight

Let’s face it: Sometimes you need a change. You crave something with some sweetness and a little bite.  

Enter Kayak Cherry Long Cut – a true cherry flavored tobacco. Made with 100% American-grown tobacco, Kayak Cherry blows all other blends out of the water, and it never lets you or your bros down.  

It’s time to grab life by the cherries and live like the champion you are.   

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