From Turning Points | September 2023
An Adventure Through the Smokeless Tobacco Landscape

From snuff to chaw; from plug to twist, the world of tobacco is full of different formats and colorful terminology. But do you know what they all mean? Even the most experienced users can get confused. Today we’re taking out the map and going on a thrilling journey through the wide world of smokeless tobacco. From the finely ground textures of snuff to the modern convenience of dissolvables, this article covers an extensive array of smokeless tobacco forms. Are you ready?

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From Turning Points | August 2023
West Virginia Wisdom

Located in the rugged heart of the Appalachians, West Virginia is a place where the rivers are our lifeblood, where the mountains are our monuments, and where values run as deep as river valleys. Our state stands as a testament to tradition, family, wry-humor, and self-reliance. This is where Kayak moist snuff comes from. Each refreshingly bold can is made with the same raw honesty that makes West Virginia the place we're proud to call home. Join us on adventure through some of the key values that make us who we are.

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From Turning Points | July 2023
Reeling in Adventure: 4 Southeastern Fishing Gems

Crack open a fresh can of Kayak and get ready to kick off an angling adventure across the southeastern United States. From the heart of Texas to Arkansas's untamed lakes; from the wild rivers of West Virginia to the mysterious depths of South Carolina. Every location presents a new fishing face-off and an opportunity to Catch Your Moment. This is fishing at its grittiest and most rewarding. With a Fatlip of Kayak, a little bit of know-how, and a taste for adventure, you’ll come out ready to do it all over again.

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