Cherry Long Cut


Kayak Longcut Cherry is overflowing with bold cherry flavor.


joshua horn
July 16, 2021

better than skoal

Kenneth Barker
August 27, 2021

Good taste

Joe turchetti
September 29, 2021
Michael A Ferrell
October 27, 2021
Joe Turchetti
November 4, 2021
Burk Williams
November 13, 2021

100% Best I’ve had love it

Matthew Jason McKenzie
January 1, 2022

This is my choice of cherry flavored chewing tobacco. The kayak brand is quality chewing satisfaction. And their prices are unmatched!

Steven Schaefer
January 13, 2022

i love it

February 1, 2022
Matthew Mckenzie
March 26, 2022

I absolutely appreciate the flavor of cherry kayak. And the cost.

Tyler Haddix
April 7, 2022

Love it!

June 22, 2022
July 28, 2022

By far the best cherry flavored tobacco. Other brands I have tried tend to be too dry but Kayak has always been a quality product and at a decent price too.

adam boren
July 28, 2022

I quit dipping almost 8 years ago because I never could find a flavor that stuck with me... Started with Grizzly Wintergreen, then moved on to Timber Wolf Peach and I eventually got burned out on the Peach and Wintergreen flavors...... About 3 months ago I was at a tobacco shop in my town and I saw an entire shelf full of Kayak flavors... Even I know that Kayak was BOTTOM TIER tobacco years ago but there was this BRIGHT RED can staring at me and instead of it saying "natural" like I thought it said "Cherry"........ I remember trying Skoal Cherry and enjoyed the flavor... For only $1.65 a can I decided to buy a can just for fun... I was at work one day and remembered that I had that can of Cherry Kayak in my car and I said I'll give it a try... my expectations were so low, I actually thought I would spit it out after a few mins... BUT... I was SHOCKED at the BOLD and DELICIOUS Cherry flavor and the moisture was SPOT ON... I finally had found a dip and flavor that was right up my alley... I buy 5 cans a week and look forward to getting a dip after meals and when I get home from work just to relax... EXCELLENT BANG FOR THE BUCK and I will NEVER buy anything else

Joe turcjetti
August 29, 2022
Lawrence R FLOWERS
February 26, 2023

It has a great taste to it and I really enjoy it

March 2, 2023

I love the cherry flavor and it’s more moist that the other brand that has cherry ! I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get

March 15, 2023
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