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Long Cut Moist Snuff Tobacco

Grab some long cut dip and get ready, Champion. With seven exclusive blends, 100% American ingredients, and a grab-and-twist can experience, Kayak Moist Snuff Tobacco is the best long cut snuff available in your favorite blends. Grab a few cans with your crew and send it on your next adventure. 

Kayak's Best Long Cut Moist Snuff for Champions

ise crackin’, always ready for action, you don’t live by a schedule or a routine. We love that about you! Every day is new, different. Your type and hype changes on the daily, and that’s why Kayak Smokeless Tobacco offers seven unique blends of our premium long cut snuff. Today, you vibe with standard blends like Straight, Mint, or Wintergreen. Tomorrow, you want to experience our Cherry, Apple, Grape, or Peach snuff. Maybe even a fine cut dip blend? Whatever your game, you win with Kayak long cut Moist Snuff. 


Extra easy to pack and pinch, this dip stays together when you need it most. Kayak long cut moist blends stand up to the toughest physical activities  or wherever your epic Kayaktivities take you. 


Kayak is handcrafted for the challenger and Champion always ready to slay. Our long cut Moist Snuff comes in a variety of blends that win at flavor, reliability, and affordability. Our moist snuff is crafted with 100% American tobacco. Some brands might claim to be homegrown but are as fake as a $3 bill. You know the real deal when you see it.Our blends hit different with game-winning packaging designed for convenience and guaranteed fresh AF.


Call the guys, hop in the truck, and enjoy whatever blend feels right today. Find Kayak long cut moist snuff in a store near you.

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