Wintergreen Fine Cut


Activate your senses with Fine Cut Wintergreen - 100% American-grown tobacco produced with our classic Wintergreen flavor. Always Ready!


Jeffrey Spivey
July 9, 2021

Great long lasting flavor.

Michael L Flood
July 18, 2021

for the price great dip

Jess Watson
September 10, 2021

Pretty good stuff.

September 13, 2021

Great Product!!! Wish I could get some coupons.

Travis Strange
September 16, 2021

Pretty good but price keeps going up. Going to need coupons to buy it for a long

Richard Lawson
October 10, 2021

The Big Deal in smokeless if you ask me. My new brand , that's for sure!

October 28, 2021

Absolutely love Wintergreen fine Cut!! Lasting flavor.

Lee McCollum
October 29, 2021

I have used Skoal for years I switched to kayak about a month ago because of price difference after my first dip I I knew I would never use Skoal again it has a great flavor and easy on the lips I love it.

Jimmy kern
November 7, 2021

I switched from way over priced skoal, when I bought my 1st can of kayak, that was it, Im hooked and saving over$50 a week!! Hooah

Gary King
November 19, 2021

Been dipping this for years! I have to get it special ordered for me. It stayed 99¢ for years. But lately it has been going up. Just went to my tobacco store. And guy said it was jumping from $13 to $15 a roll! Sucks! This has been my go to dip for over 10 years. I usually buy 3 to 4 logs a month. This price change is gonna change that. Won't be able to buy as much no more.

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