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9 Worst Truck Mods Exposed

From The Champion's Corner | August 2021

Come on now, we’ve all been there at least once in our lives.  

You know, that thing that sounded like a GREAT idea at the time but turns out it was actually a terrible idea dressed in practical clothing? Okay, maybe this is because we spend a little too much time partying with our friends but still, we all make some questionable decisions every now and again. This isn’t limited to that time you and the bros bet who could fit the most long cut in their mouth. Nope, it extends to all parts of our life, including our valued 4 wheel companions.  

Some truck owners seem positively hell-bent on showing off the worst mods in all of the automotive kingdoms. For that reason, we've put together the worst, most stupid truck mods we've seen. Be warned, if any of this sounds familiar, it's your bro's God-given right to call you out!

1) Giant (and we do mean GIANT) Rims 

 Please, my truck-loving bros, please stop putting outrageously huge rims on your pickup trucks. Not only do we all know you’re trying to compensate for something but you’re positively ruining the whole reason you bought a damn truck in the first place! Not only do these huge rims look positively weird on a pickup truck but they also completely ruin the ride and handling! How can you go off-road with 4 inches of sidewall? Yeah, exactly. Also, have fun paying for new rims when you hit a pothole and your rim bends. Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop doing this to your trucks. 


excessive exhaust on a truck


2) Truck Nutz 

Do we really even need to say what a terrible idea this is? I mean it’s a set of male… apparatus hanging down from the back of your truck. Is this supposed to mean you have bigger cajones than the person who doesn’t have their jangles hanging off their back bumper? This trend caught on as some sort of pseudo masculine maneuver that was supposed to prove some weird version of manliness that no one asked for proof of. Manliness and trucks can go hand in hand but that doesn’t mean the entire world wants to see a composite of some random dude’s gonads for proof of it. I mean, whose sweetbreads are those anyways?  

3) Excessive Mufflers 

Of all the aftermarket upgrades you can make to your truck, this is high on our list because it is usually the easiest to spot...or rather, hear. Most of the time an excessively loud muffler or exhaust just make you look like a jackass without ever improving your truck’s performance. But by all means, if you want to be the least popular person on your street, keep those stacks rolling. 


excessive muffler


4) Terrible Paint Jobs  

Where do we even start here? Although you may fancy yourself a creative person with various levels of interest in .. things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should adorn your truck with a brand new paint job, decals, or murals. Unless you’re an automotive professional who knows how to paint a vehicle, then just leave the painting to the pros. Now a Kayak-themed truck? That's cool. When one of you guys is ready for a real paint job, inbox us. 


terrible paint job on truck


5) Super Tall Lifts  

If you’re a truck guy, you already know the benefits of performing a tasteful lift on your truck. Notice we said a keyword there, tasteful. When you take that lift too far, you just end up looking for attention. Like a badly behaving child, these sky-high lifts are about getting all kinds of attention from the wrong kinds of people. Not only does this mod look terrible, but it also requires an incredible amount of money to rework the whole suspension of your truck. 


6) Pointless LED Lights  

LED headlights or tail light upgrades? No brainer. 10 LED light bars that make your truck look like it’s from Venus? That’s just obnoxious. Whether you string neon LED lights in the wheel wells or make your truck visible from space, exercising some discretion. Trust us bud, we see you. Now, pardon us while we put on our sunglasses. Your insecurity is blinding us. 


7) Scissor Doors 

Okay, dudes, we need to talk about this one. You know that you bought a truck and not an exotic Italian sports car, right? There is no practical reason why you NEED to have scissor doors and frankly, they just really aren’t that cool. You’re just giving yourself more maintenance issues, more weird looks, and taking crucial points off your dude card. Scissor doors belong on sports cars, not on pickup trucks and no amount of modifications will convince anybody else.  


8) Spoilers? Really? 

You do know that spoilers actually serve a purpose beyond looks, right? I mean, if you need additional downforce at the rear of your dually then, by all means, install away! For the rest of you, don’t even think about it. Not only does a spoiler look completely out of place on the back of a massive truck, but it is also completely in the way when trying to use your truck for what it’s supposed to be used for. You know, hauling, moving, camping gear...hell, even truck pools. That goofy-looking spoiler belongs on the back of a 90’s sports car and not precariously mounted to the bed of your truck. Leave the street racing stuff to the experts.  


9) Bad Bed Mods 

Look guys, we all have to succumb to some sort of makeshift engineering every once in a while to get us through. The more, um, creative among the truck owner nation take this mentality to another whole level. From beds that have been completely rebuilt with wood planks to creative ways of keeping the tailgate from flying open (dude with the duct tape, we’re looking at you) there are a zillion ways to completely screw up a perfectly good bed. You know, the whole reason you bought a truck to begin with? Do us a favor, leave the engineering to the experts at the manufacturers. You might just hurt yourself and everyone else around you on the road.  


Keep It Classy 

We’re not here to judge.  
Hell, who are we kidding? Yes. Yes, we are. We are absolutely here to judge and if you roll with any of these stupid truck mods then you’re an easy target for the roasting of your bros. But if you happen to find that your truck checks off one (or all) of these mods, then by all means, keep doing you, brother. We’ll always ride with you when you roll up and scream “Grab a can of Kayak and get in, this is gonna be fun!” 

Do you have a friend who is guilty of one or more of these stupid truck mods? Call him out in the comments! 


September 23, 2021

Putting on a cap on your truck that don’t fit

October 29, 2021

to each there one, we are all unique individually, what if we all drove the same truck with the same paint job and the same rims and if that was the case we might as well be dating the same girl that wouldn't be any fun. "UNLESS IT WAS YOUR TURN ! ".

Timothy Casto
March 28, 2022

What I really don’t understand are the guys who buy a new $50,000 dollar truck and the first thing they do is start making mods to it, then they run it in the mud bog at the county fair with the price sticker still in the window. I just don’t get it.

Brian Johnson
September 4, 2022

Y'all left out the worst mod. Unless you're a handicap person or entering car shows, or racing on a track, why would you lower your truck? They don't look cool, and they rub going in and out of some driveways and parking lots. Here in, Warrensburg Missouri, we have a guy who lowered a Chevy suburban and it's so low that it got high centered coming out of the parking lot across the road in front of the house where I used to live.

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