WARNING: This product can cause mouth cancer. 

Kayak Wintergreen Dip Spotlight

From The Champion's Corner | October 2021

Get the party started with every dipper's first love, Wintergreen. Whether you prefer long cut snuff or fine cut snuff, there is no denying the timelessness of Kayak Wintergreen. Created with 100% American-grown tobacco, the fresh wintergreen flavor always satisfies. Fuel your next adventure with Kayak Wintergreen moist snuff.

Best Times to Dip Kayak Wintergreen 


  • Roadtrippin’ with the bros
  • Crashing your neighbords
  • Tailgating at the game, truck pull or race
  • Kicking ass during late night gaming sessions



How to Enjoy Kayak Wintergreen


  • Grip & Twist, easy-to-open can of Kayak Wintergreen
  • Pack a champion-size lip
  • Be generous when the crowd appears (share the wealth
  • Tag us on Instagram to show us you’re the real deal



What the Bro’s are Saying About Kayak Wintergreen

“Best brand on the market as far as I'm concerned, THAT'S A FACT JACK.” 

  • Ivan


“Refreshing 100%"

  • Ed


Find Kayak Wintergreen Moist Snuff Near You 

Use our Store Locator tool to find the Dip of Champions near you. Kayak is always ready. 


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