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Kayak Official House Beer Pong Rules

From Kayaktivities | March 2022

The Basic Gameplay (You Know This Part)

Each team starts with ten cups organized into a triangle. Opposite teams shoot for ball. Whoever sinks a cup first gets first shot. Teams will then take turns shooting to make their ball in the other team’s cups, forcing opponents to drink beer. One cup for an air shot, and two cups for a bounced shot. If a team makes both attempts, they get “balls back” and get to shoot again.

Heating Up to Fire

If you’re any good, you might make two shots in a row. If you manage to pull this off, you’re “heating up” You have to say it out loud to your partner and opponents though. Otherwise it doesn’t count. On your next shot, you need to say “for fire” as you take you shot. If you make it, you knock out two cups instead of one and get to keep shooting until you miss. Fire can be a real game changer.


You may find yourself in a spot where you have one cup separated from the others. A rookie might see this as a challenge, but you should see it as an opportunity. Every player gets one “island” shot per game. Call island before you shoot and aim for that cup (if there are multiple islands, you must pick one). If you make the shot, you get two cups out instead of one. If you’re shooting for fire, call “fire island” or “Hawaii” to get three cups on a make instead of just two.

There is a catch though. If you call island, that is the only cup you can make for that round. If you shot lands in another cup, it doesn’t count. Regardless, no risk, no reward. Shoot the island.

Watch the Elbows

One part of play we haven’t talked about yet – integrity. You want to win, but a victory gained by cheating is no victory at all. So, watch your elbows. Your arm should not reach over the table in any way throughout the game.


Another crucial part of beer pong gameplay is the re-rack. It allows you to re-arrange the cups in a way that’ll help you make the rest of the cups more easily. Our house rules are this: one re-rack (plus gentlemen’s of course). You don’t need more than that.

Celeb Shots

This is the “phone a friend” of beer pong. Bring in a friend to take a shot. They might help you out, and it’ll always be a hype moment. Each team has the option to use one celeb shot per game. Use it wisely!


If your opponents have made all their cups, you might feel like you’re down and out, but fear not. You have the rebuttal. Both you and your partner get one more chance to make a shot. If you make it, you follow the above rules for fire. Just keep shooting until you miss. If you or your partner successfully makes all the cups, you’re headed to overtime, and that’s where things get really epic.


Now the game’s heating up. Pressure’s on. This is about the time your fellow party goers actually might start watching the game. Overtime starts with three cups for each team in a triangle. No re-racks (except gentlemen’s of course), no islands. Just pure beer pong prowess. First team to make all three cups wins.

Double Overtime

If rebuttal is one in overtime, congratulations. Your game is now legendary. Rules here are the same as normal overtime, with one notable addition. Place a fourth cup ON TOP of the three cups you used for overtime. This must be the first cup you make. Beyond that, the game is on. Finish strong.


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