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The Best Occasions to Drink Cheap Beer

From The Champion's Corner | October 2021

On the Water

Grab a cold case of cheap beer for your next river float or day at the lake. Beers don’t stay cold for long in the heat, so pack yourself some crushable cheap beer. Even if your beer goes a bit warm from sitting out in the sun between casts, you can just grab fresh one. Crack, Cast, Repeat.


Tailgates almost always end up being more fun than the actual game. Especially if your team loses. And you know you’ll run into someone you know who needs a beer, or feel the need to give out a few beers to the dude in the sick throwback jersey. Just leave the table smashing to those crazy dudes in Buffalo.

Wedding Reception & Parties Running into the Night

Remember the tortoise and the hare? It’s not about how fast you are, but whether you’re around in the end. Cheap beer typically has a much lower ABV than your standard cocktail or IPA. You’ll want to pace yourself so you can go from the party to the after party.

Softball or Your Rec League

No one is keeping track of the score or how many you’re slugging back. Enough said.

Working on Your House

Fixer uppers always need work, and helpful friends always need cheap beer. Yeah, it sucks but one way to make it suck less is to keep a frosty can by your side whenever you’re painting. Streaks? What streaks? 

Music Festivals

You already paid a shit ton for those tickets. Save yourself a couple bucks by smuggling in a sixer of something light, refreshing, and free! We won’t tell you how to do it since you’ll find a way. Look for us in the crowd and we’ll shotgun one with you.

These are our favorite times to enjoy a nice cheap beer. When do you enjoy a cheap can of liquid gold with your favorite kayak? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our latest blends!


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