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Best Beach Towns For Raging

From The Champion's Corner | March 2021

The definition of a beach escape can equal relaxation, but that's not everybody’s goal. According to some, beach towns are the best place to get buzzed and can only mean one thing: raging fun. For the epic individual who prefers partying in paradise, drinking all day, letting loose, and getting wild, here are the best beach towns for your next rager. Get the guys together, pack some of your favorite Kayak, and let's roll.

Key West, Florida

Key West has more bars in a small radius than any other place in the United States. Did you get that? There are A LOT of bars in very close proximity. Add nice weather, minimal clothing, and sunshine to get a total bangin' party. Hells yeah. Key West also holds a ten-day, adults-only, raging festival called Fantasy Fest. Literally, just go. It's promised to be the wildest extravaganza around.

Panama City, Florida

Panama City, Florida, is a party-hard hotspot. The destination even claims title to the USA's largest nightclub. If large nightclubs aren't your thing, Panama City boasts over eight miles of sparkling beaches, live music venues, legendary karaoke nights, and lively bars. For the biggest daytime beach party in the USA, hit up 'Summester Break,' a three-day Panama City Beach hosted music festival with some of the hottest artists in the industry.

Belmar, New Jersey

For anyone looking for a rager, the beachside of burrough of Belmar checks the boxes. Apparently, people claim that "There ain't no party like a Belmar party," and with the largest party boat fleet in the state of New Jersey, these people might be right. In addition to boozing on boats, Belmar also has a boardwalk (rebuilt in the wake of Hurricane Sandy), fun bars, and microbreweries, which add to the partying, beach town vibes. Neighboring town Sea Girt is also worth a mention.

South Padre Island, Texas

A rager is almost guaranteed when visiting South Padre Island. Well-known to the average spring breaker, South Padre Island is anything but average. Think bikini contents, beach clubs, dancing, and drinking on the sand. The Texas party town also plays host to what Rolling Stone magazine called 'the largest beach party in the world." (But TBH, this seems a bit of a stretch if you're counting Brazil's party pace. But, everything is always bigger in Texas...so nvm). Whether you want EDM jams or a crafty cocktail, there is a vibe to fit your party mood in South Padre Island.

Hermosa Beach, California

Many claim San Diego's Ocean Beach to be the place for a raging party, but truthfully, it's slightly overrated. Hermosa Beach, on the other hand, is where the real partying happens. Located in Los Angeles County, Hermosa Beach is straight-up fun. Fourth of July is complete chaos; a crowded, lively, boozy, and beautiful party scene. Red, white, and blue bikinis and beach attire abound. The pier is packed with partiers and music pumps from the balconies of multi-million dollar beachfront homes. Sounds pretentious, but it's not—just a real good time. Hermosa Beach also hosts volleyball tournaments, free beach concerts, and movies on the beach in the Summer months. The beach town includes a decent bar scene that is wild or classy chill, depending on your party style.

Don't want to stay local? Take your rager abroad, and party it up in one of these epic international beach towns. Don't blame us if you recreate your own version of Hangover 2...

San Juan, Puerto Rico

House music pumping, dive bars karaoke-ing, cheap beer pouring— Puerto Rico knows how to start a party and keep it going. San Juan's party scene is hip and hot with tropical vibes that mix with city shine. The fun-loving partier has the best options for gambling, dancing, and late-night clubbing. Nurse the mild hangover with a poolside Pina Colada and get ready for another night in paradise...

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is an all-inclusive partiers paradise with sunshine, sea, sand, and delicious sips (bottomless rum punch and slushy daiquiris— yes, please!) Only a short flight from Atlanta, Houston, or Miami, Punta Cana has it all, including fun booze-infused catamaran tours, beautiful scenery, dance clubs, and swim-up bars. Did we mention the unlimited alcohol? Oh yes. That’s worth repeating.

Cancun, Mexico

The Cancun party scene is iconic, a destination most people drink at once in their lives (at the very least). Cancun has high-rise hotels located within steps of pristine beaches, poolside bars, and hot night clubs for dancing, drinking, and indulgence. The clubs are famous, the clothes sparse, and the raging revelry available day in and day out.


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