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America’s Most Controversial Debate: Hot Dogs, or Hamburgers?

From The Champion's Corner | June 2022

Two classic American foods: the hot dog and the hamburger. Many people go back and forth over which of the two is better.  There’s no doubt it’s a hotly debated topic, so let’s take a look at each and see what comes out on top.   

First off, the Hot Dog.  

A hot dog is a pretty darn simple and tasty food. You barely need any toppings. In fact you don’t even need a plate. (let’s face it, plates are for chumps anyway)  

Like most simps, you also aren’t obligated to go the route of ketchup and mustard. In fact you can layer on an entire meal if you’re ambitious enough – we’re talking greens, beans, tomatoes, chilli, cheese, coleslaw (you name it!).  

Impressive, right? There’s more.  

Buns can be substituted with wraps. Stick that sucker in a tortilla and you got yourself a tasty low carb treat! People tried to tell us that’s not a real thing, but it totally is and is called a sausage wrap.   

Lastly, everybody loves a good hot dog contest. I mean, this is America, right? Go full blown Kobayashi mode and turn your next summer shindig into a hot dog eating contest. 

Now, the Hamburger.  

Ah yes, the hamburger, another American staple. Classic, yet versatile. A summer cookout just isn’t the same without it.   

Like dogs, burgers are easy enough to make for a large gaggle of gals or pals. You can also really lay on the toppings – cheese, among a few. Lots, and LOTs of cheese.  

One important thing to note; hamburgers can be leaner than hot dogs. Hell, you can get hamburger meat straight from the local butcher. Hot dogs on the other hand are processed. *If you want to see how they’re made, don’t. Trust us. 

Not a complete dealbreaker for the hot dog but if you want to avoid feeling hibernation-ready, maybe pass on the dog and indulge in a saucy burg. Those few extra calories spared may attract more babes. 

What America Wants!  

At the end of the day, who really gives a crap, right? We’re all on the fast track to dad bod town anyway. So do yourself a big favor this summer season, and just eat both.    

But before you do, pick up some fine-cut Kayak at a location near you.   


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